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Date Sermon Title Preacher
5-2-17 The Virtuous Woman, She Rewarded Pastor Qualls
4-30-17 PM The Dangers of Dropping the Baton Pastor Qualls
4-30-17 AM Are You in a Committed Relationship with God? Pastor Qualls
4-30-17 S.S. Proverbs 25:19-20 Bro. Paul Carter
4-25-17 Esther, She Rectified Pastor Qualls
4-23-17 PM Rumors, Gossip, and Other Juicy Things Pastor Qualls
4-23-17 AM Dealing With a Disabled Daddy Pastor Qualls
4-23-17 S.S. Proverbs 25:16-18 Bro. Paul Carter
4-18-17 Being Filled With the Spirit Bro. Josh Arnold
4-16-17 PM Is the Message in the Bottle for You? Pastor Qualls
4-16-17 AM Is the Resurrection Still Relevant Today? Pastor Qualls
4-16-17 S.S. Proverbs 25:14-15 Bro. Paul Carter
4-11-17 Taste a Little More Bro. Markie Bullock
4-9-17 PM Lord, You Scared the Devil Out of Me Pastor Qualls
4-9-17 AM The Original April Fools Pastor Qualls
4-9-17 S.S. Proverbs 25:12-13 Bro. Paul Carter
4-4-17 The Challenge of Discouragement Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
4-2-17 AM The Power of Cross Pollination Pastor Qualls
4-2-17 S.S. Making a Deal With God Bro. Russell Holland
3-28-17 Dealing With Delay Bro. Josh Arnold
3-26-17 PM You Have the Right to Remain Silent Pastor Qualls
3-26-17 AM Surviving the Storm, But Drowning in the Daylight Pastor Qualls
3-26-17 S.S. Proverbs 25:11 Bro. Paul Carter
3-21-17 Job’s Wife, She Resurfaced Pastor Qualls
3-9-17 PM Pardon Me, I Can’t See God Pastor Qualls
3-19-17 AM Are You the Sinner of Attention? Pastor Qualls
3-19-17 S.S. Proverbs 25:6-7 Bro. Paul Carter
3-14-17 Huldah, She Reassured Pastor Qualls
3-12-17 PM Don’t Let Things God Has Given You Slip Out of Your Hands Pastor Qualls
3-12-17 AM A Testimony of a Trash Can Pastor Qualls
3-12-17 S.S. Proverbs 25:4-5 Bro. Paul Carter
3-10-17 Revival Forgiveness Bro. Daniel Buchanan
3-9-17 Revival The Temptation of Christ Bro. Daniel Buchanan
3-8-17 Revival Sunday School Lesson Bro. Daniel Buchanan
3-7-17 Revival Unity Bro. Daniel Buchanan
3-6-17 Revival A Talk From the Heart Bro. Daniel Buchanan
3-5-17 PM I Want Double Pastor Qualls
3-5-17 AM Excuse Me, I Can’t See God Pastor Qualls
3-5-17 S.S. Proverbs 25:2-3 Bro. Paul Carter
2-28-17 Jehosheba, She Reached Pastor Qualls
2-26-17 PM Who God Voted For in the Election Pastor Qualls
2-26-17 AM Choose Life Pastor Qualls
2-26-17 S.S. Proverbs 25:1 Bro. Paul Carter
2-21-17 The Little Maid, She Reciprocated Pastor Qualls
2-19-17 PM When the Preacher Gets it Wrong Pastor Qualls
2-19-17 AM The Parable of the Lost Coin Pastor Qualls
2-19-17 S.S. Proverbs 24:29-34 Bro. Paul Carter
2-14-17 Where’s the Love Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
2-12-17 AM Hey Little Oyster, What Makes You So Special Pastor Qualls
2-12-17 S.S. Proverbs 24:27-28 Bro. Paul Carter
2-7-17 Shunemite Woman, She Regarded Pastor Qualls
2-5-17 PM Are You on the Search and Rescue Team Pastor Qualls
2-5-17 AM Dig a Little Deeper Pastor Qualls
2-5-17 S.S. Proverbs 24:23-26 Bro. Paul Carter
1-31-17 Make the Church Great Again Bro. John Faucette
1-29-17 PM The Way of Life is Above to the Wise Bro. Mickey Cofer
1-29-17 AM The Dangers of Dullness Pastor Qualls
1-29-17 S.S. Proverbs 24:19-22 Bro. Paul Carter
1-24-17 Forgiven, But Yet Tormented Bro. John Faucette
1-22-17 Too Stressed to Be Blessed Pastor Qualls
1-17-17 The Prophet’s Widow, She Reclaimed Pastor Qualls
1-15-17 PM Why God Was Upset With the Vineyard Pastor Qualls
1-15-17 AM How Ahab Tried to Get Naboth to Sell Vineyard Pastor Qualls
1-15-17 S.S. 1 Samuel 12:12 Bro. Josh Arnold
1-10-17 Zarephathian Woman, She Reveared Pastor Qualls
1-8-17 PM Who Chopped Down My Pity Tree? Pastor Qualls
1-8-17 AM Do You Miss the Far Country? Pastor Qualls
1-8-17 S.S. Proverbs 24:17-18 Bro. Paul Carter
1-3-17 It’s the Lord’s Doing Bro. Brian Fail
1-1-17 PM Taking Care of God’s Man Pastor Qualls
1-1-17 AM The Prefabricated Church Pastor Qualls
1-1-17 S.S. Proverbs 24:15-16 Bro. Paul Carter