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Date Sermon Title Preacher
12-25-16 O’ Come, Emmanuel Pastor Qualls
12-20-16 Bathsheba, She Rebuked Pastor Qualls
12-18-16 PM Calvary’s Answers to Christmas Questions Pastor Qualls
12-18-16 AM Christmas Treasures Pastor Qualls
12-18-16 S.S. Proverbs 24:11-14 Bro. Paul Carter
12-13-16 Woman of Abel, She Rescued Pastor Qualls
12-11-16 PM Merry Christmas from Calvary Pastor Qualls
12-11-16 AM How to Have a Merry Christmas Pastor Qualls
12-11-16 S.S. Proverbs 24:10 Bro. Paul Carter
12-6-16 Abigail, She Refereed Pastor Qualls
12-4-16 PM Not My Will, But Thine Pastor Qualls
12-4-16 AM The Christmas Revival Pastor Qualls
12-4-16 S.S. Proverbs 24:7-9 Bro. Paul Carter
11-29-16 Hannah, She Recalculated Pastor Qualls
11-27-16 PM Who is Going to Raise Ichabod Pastor Qualls
11-27-16 AM The Thanksgiving App Pastor Qualls
11-27-16 S.S. Vessels Bro. Josh Arnold
11-22-16 Ruth, She Recognized Pastor Qualls
11-20-16 PM The Time is Now Bro. Chad Bailey
11-20-16 AM Ichabod’s Hope Pastor Qualls
11-20-16 S.S. Proverbs 24:3-6 Bro. Paul Carter
11-15-16 Naomi, She Returned Pastor Qualls
11-13-16 PM Let’s Go Ask Ed Pastor Qualls
11-13-16 AM Cheer Up, You’re in Trouble Pastor Qualls
11-13-16 S.S. Proverbs 24:1-2 Bro. Paul Carter
11-8-16 Be Prepared for Battle Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
11-6-16 PM There’s an Elephant in the Room Pastor Qualls
11-6-16 AM The Man Who Accidentally Raised a King Pastor Qualls
11-6-16 S.S. Proverbs 23:29-35 Bro. Paul Carter
11-1-16 Samson’s Mom, She Respected Pastor Qualls
10-30-16 PM Judges 3 verse 12 Bro. Gary Craven
10-30-16 AM What’s the Reason for the Little Season Pastor Qualls
10-30-16 S.S. Acts 20 verses 16-24 Bro. Gary Craven
10-25-16 What Do You Do in the Dark? Bro. Josh Arnold
10-23-16 PM Motives Matter Most Pastor Qualls
10-23-16 AM How to Get Fired Up in the Furnace Pastor Qualls
10-18-16 Deborah, She Restored Pastor Qualls
10-16-16 PM Who’s Going to Drive the Getaway Boat Pastor Qualls
10-16-16 AM The Top 10 Reasons Why People Go to Hell Pastor Qualls
10-16-16 S.S. Proverbs 23:24-27 Bro. Paul Carter
10-11-16 Rahab, She Revealed Pastor Qualls
10-9-16 PM Beware of Burning Out Pastor Qualls
10-9-16 AM How to Survive a Worricane Pastor Qualls
10-9-16 S.S. Proverbs 23:22-23 Bro. Paul Carter
10-4-16 What’s Clogging Your Pipeline? Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
10-2-16 PM Struggling Stepparents Pastor Qualls
10-2-16 AM Over My Dead Body Pastor Qualls
10-2-16 S.S. Proverbs 23:19-21 Bro. Paul Cartertd>
9-27-16 Zipporah, She Rebounded Pastor Qualls
9-25-16 PM Criticism Pastor Qualls
9-25-16 AM Would You Meet God Half Way Pastor Qualls
9-25-16 S.S. Proverbs 23:15-18 Bro. Paul Carter
9-20-16 What Keeps Us from Being Doers of the Word Bro. Josh Arnold
9-18-16 PM How to Flee from Fornication Pastor Qualls
9-18-16 AM When the Cross is Out of Reach Pastor Qualls
9-18-16 S.S. Proverbs 23:9-15 Bro. Paul Carter
9-13-16 Jochebed, She Refused Pastor Qualls
9-11-16 PM Ten Things That Will Hinder You in the Pulpit Pastor Qualls
9-11-16 AM 9-11-2001, A Day We Can’t Afford to Forget Pastor Qualls
9-11-16 S.S. Proverbs 23:4-8 Bro. Paul Carter
8-30-16 Rebekah, She Realized Pastor Qualls
8-28-16 PM Consider the Lilies Pastor Qualls
8-28-16 AM The Dangers of Drying Up Pastor Qualls
8-28-16 S.S. Proverbs 23:1-3 Bro. Paul Carter
8-23-16 Sarah, She Reproduced Pastor Qualls
8-21-16 PM Do You Have Cruse Control? Pastor Qualls
8-21-16 AM Fumble Pastor Qualls
8-21-16 S.S. Proverbs 22:28-29 Bro. Paul Carter
8-16-16 Noah’s Wife, She Resolved Pastor Qualls
8-14-16 PM Unity Pastor Qualls
8-14-16 AM We Rest in What is Bigger Than Us Pastor Qualls
8-14-16 S.S. Proverbs 22:24-25 Bro. Paul Carter
8-9-16 Eve, She Recovered Pastor Qualls
8-7-16 PM How to Get God Out of the Box Pastor Qualls
8-7-16 AM Lord, Why are You Yelling at Me? Pastor Qualls
8-7-16 S.S. Proverbs 22:22-23 Bro. Paul Carter
8-2-16 Let Us Go into Enemy Lands Bro. Jerry Alford
7-31-16 PM How to Turn a Wimp into a Warrior Pastor Qualls
7-31-16 AM Failing a Test, But Passing the Grade Pastor Qualls
7-31-16 S.S. Proverbs 22:17-21 Bro. Paul Carter
7-26-16 It’s All About Glory Bro. Brian Fail
7-24-16 PM Why Would the Lord Break Up a Perfectly Good Funeral? Pastor Qualls
7-24-16 AM Hey Doc, You’re Killing Me Pastor Qualls
7-24-16 S.S. Proverbs 22:15-16 Bro. Paul Carter
7-19-16 Submit to Authority Pastor Qualls
7-17-16 AM How to Stay on Top of the Bottom Bro. John Morgan
7-17-16 S.S. Testimony Bro. John Morgan
7-12-16 Alcoholism Pastor Qualls
7-10-16 PM How to Give an Alter Call Pastor Qualls
7-10-16 AM The High Priest and the Fit Man Pastor Qualls
7-10-16 S.S. John 1:35-45 Bro. Paul Stewart
7-5-16 Singing in the Pain Pastor Qualls
7-3-16 PM Go for the Gold Pastor Qualls
7-3-16 PM Is Christ Your Beginning? Bro. Levi Qualls
7-3-16 AM Have You Declared Your Independence? Pastor Qualls
7-3-16 S.S. Proverbs 22:13-14 Bro. Paul Carter
6-28-16 Remember, We are Just Pilgrims Bro. Bryan Kacprzyk
6-26-16 PM The Idolatry of the Brazen Serpent Pastor Qualls
6-26-16 PM How to Have Hope Bro. Josh Arnold
6-26-16 AM The Gospel of the Brazen Serpent Pastor Qualls
6-26-16 S.S. Proverbs 22:11-12 Bro. Paul Carter
6-21-16 Gambling Pastor Qualls
6-19-16 PM Stumbling Without God in Control Pastor Qualls
6-19-16 AM The Prodigal’s Father Pastor Qualls
6-19-16 S.S. Proverbs 22:9-10 Bro. Paul Carter
6-14-16 Contemporary or a Temporary Con Pastor Qualls
6-12-16 PM How Did Jesus Deal With Weariness? Pastor Qualls
6-12-16 S.S. Proverbs 22:7-8 Bro. Paul Carter
6-7-16 What’s Wrong With Tattooing? Pastor Qualls
6-5-16 PM Why Do Young People Wimp Out on Worship? Pastor Qualls
6-5-16 AM Excuse Me, Do You Have Any Change? Pastor Qualls
6-5-16 S.S. What Are You Depending On? Bro. Brady Van Winkle
5-31-16 A Mason That’s a Brick Short Pastor Qualls
5-29-16 PM Daddy’s Girl Pastor Qualls
5-29-16 AM Midnight Shift Pastor Qualls
5-29-16 S.S. What is the Problem & What is the Answer Bro Jonathan Faucette
5-24-16 When God Prays to Man Pastor Qualls
5-22-16 PM A Fight Worth Fighting Bro Jonathan Faucette
5-22-16 AM Lift Him Up When You Let Him Down Pastor Qualls
5-22-16 S.S. Proverbs 22:5-6 Bro. Paul Carter
5-17-16 Has the Dream Become a Nightmare? Pastor Qualls
5-15-16 PM Elsie, How’d You Do It? Pastor Qualls
5-15-16 AM Are You Backslid or Lost? Pastor Qualls
5-15-16 S.S. Proverbs 22:2-4 Bro. Paul Carter
5-8-15 Illegal Immigration, the Straw that Broke the Country’s Back Pastor Qualls
5-6-15 PM Raising G-Rated Kids in an X-Rated World Pastor Qualls
5-6-15 AM Mom is the Man Pastor Qualls
5-6-15 S.S. Parable of the Leaven Bro. Josh Arnold
5-1-16 PM Hunting for Hidden Treasures Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
5-1-16 AM How to Turn Doubting into Shouting Pastor Qualls
5-1-16 S.S. Proverbs 22:1 Bro. Paul Carter
4-26-16 High Wire Pastor Qualls
4-24-16 PM It Fell on a Day Pastor Qualls
4-24-16 AM The State of the Church Pastor Qualls
4-24-16 S.S. Proverbs 21:31 Bro. Paul Carter
4-19-16 Limitations Pastor Qualls
4-17-16 PM Who Cares? Bro. Phillip Willis
4-17-16 AM Lessons From a Loogie Pastor Qualls
4-17-16 S.S. It’s Beyond Me Bro. Phillip Willis
4-12-16 Getting Into a Rut Pastor Qualls
4-10-16 PM Why is God Ignoring Me? Pastor Qualls
4-10-16 PM Peter’s Changes Bro. Josh Arnold
4-10-16 AM Look What I Got at Church Pastor Qualls
4-10-16 S.S. Proverbs 21:29-30 Bro. Paul Carter
4-5-16 Hypocrisy Pastor Qualls
4-3-16 PM Why Does God Use a Spotlight? Pastor Qualls
4-3-16 AM Are You Tough as Nails? Pastor Qualls
4-3-16 S.S. Proverbs 21:27-28 Bro. Paul Carter
3-29-16 Resurrection of Christ Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
3-27-16 PM Five Nails Between Here and Hell Pastor Qualls
3-27-16 AM Stay Out of the Tombs on Sunday Pastor Qualls
3-27-16 S.S. Proverbs 21:24-26 Bro. Paul Carter
3-22-16 Frustration Pastor Qualls
3-22-2-16 Military Missions Testimony Bro. Kevin Raub
3-20-16 AM How to Bury the Hatchet Pastor Qualls
3-20-16 S.S. Proverbs 21:21-23 Bro. Paul Carter
3-15-16 Discernment Pastor Qualls
3-13-16 PM Did You Know That God Loves Cornbread? Pastor Qualls
3-13-16 AM What Can Wash Away My Sins? Pastor Qualls
3-13-16 S.S. Proverbs 21:19 Bro. Paul Carter
3-6-16 PM Petrified Pastor Qualls
3-6-16 AM God on the Mountain, He is Still God in the Valley Pastor Qualls
3-6-16 S.S. Proverbs 21:17-18 Bro. Paul Carter
3-1-16 Discontentment Pastor Qualls
2-28-16 PM Divorce Pastor Qualls
2-28-16 AM What Would They Do Without Us? Pastor Qualls
2-28-16 S.S. Proverbs 21:16 Bro. Paul Carter
2-23-16 Anxiety Pastor Qualls
2-21-16 PM Choosing a President Pastor Qualls
2-21-16 AM It’s Just Not in Me Pastor Qualls
2-21-16 S.S. Proverbs 21:14-15 Bro. Paul Carter
2-16-16 Jealousy Pastor Qualls
2-14-16 PM Giving God First Place Bro. Bryon Kacpryzyk
2-14-16 AM What to Do When Your Wife Gets Weird Pastor Qualls
2-14-16 S.S. Proverbs 21:13 Bro. Paul Carter
2-9-16 Assurance Pastor Qualls
2-7-16 PM Dealing With a Decoy Pastor Qualls
2-7-16 AM What Does the Donkey Say? Pastor Qualls
2-7-16 S.S. Proverbs 21:12 Bro. Paul Carter
2-2-16 Guilt Pastor Qualls
1-31-16 PM Failures After Forty Pastor Qualls
1-31-16 AM Quit Beating Yourself Up Pastor Qualls
1-31-16 S.S. Proverbs 21:9-11 Bro. Paul Carter
1-26-16 Impatience Pastor Qualls
1-24-16 PM As His Custom Was Pastor Qualls
1-24-16 AM Flight, Flesh, and Flock of Moses Pastor Qualls
1-24-16 S.S. Proverbs 21:7-8 Bro. Paul Carter
1-19-16 Resentment Pastor Qualls
1-17-16 PM Lukewarm Bro. Daniel Lineberry
1-17-16 PM Onesimus Bro. Josh Arnold
1-17-16 AM Are You Hatching Your Blessings? Pastor Qualls
1-17-16 S.S. Proverbs 21:7 Bro. Paul Carter
1-15-16 Revival Getting the Bride Bro. Ronald Young
1-14-16 Revival How Missions All Began Bro. Ronald Young
1-13-16 Revival Faith Promise Bro. Ronald Young
1-12-16 Revival The Expression of Grace Bro. Ronald Young
1-11-16 Revival What’s Your Temperament? Bro. Jonathan Faucette
1-10-16PM Losing Sight of the Enemy Bro. Jonathan Faucette
1-10-16 AM He is Coming Bro. Jonathan Faucette
1-10-16 S.S Proverbs 21:5-6 Bro. Paul Carter