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Date Sermon Title Preacher
1-5-16 Temptation Pastor Qualls
1-3-16 PM The Dangers of Not Knowing What You’re Doing Pastor Qualls
1-3-16 AM It’s Not Too Late Pastor Qualls
1-3-16 S.S. Proverbs 21:3-4 Bro. Paul Carter
12-29-15 Enjoying the Lord in 2016 Bro. Bryon Kacpryzyk
12-27-15 PM Pittfalls of Leadership Pastor Qualls
12-27-15 AM Shake Well Before Using Pastor Qualls
12-27-15 S.S. Proverbs 20:30 thru 21:2 Bro. Paul Carter
12-22-15 Depression Pastor Qualls
12-20-15 PM Are You Excited About Christmas? Pastor Qualls
12-20-15 AM Christmas Comes to Patmos Pastor Qualls
12-20-15 S.S. Christmas Lesson Bro. Paul Carter
12-15-15 Anger Pastor Qualls
12-13-15 PM Do You Want to Be a Star Pastor Qualls
12-13-15 AM Scrooge Pastor Qualls
12-13-15 S.S. Proverbs 20:28-29 Bro. Paul Carter
12-8-15 Insecurities Pastor Qualls
12-6-15 PM The Blueprints of a Thriving Church Pastor Qualls
12-6-15 AM The Cost of Cannot Pastor Qualls
12-6-15 S.S. Proverbs 20:26-27 Bro. Paul Carter
12-1-15 Loneliness is not Good Pastor Qualls
11-29-15 PM Serving Your Generation Pastor Qualls
11-29-15 AM He Was Left Holding the Bag Pastor Qualls
11-29-15 S.S. Proverbs 20:23-25 Bro. Paul Carter
11-24-15 Resting in Hell Bro. Brian Fail
11-22-15 PM Blessed Beyond Belief Pastor Qualls
11-22-15 AM Thinking About Thanking Pastor Qualls
11-22-15 S.S. Proverbs 20:21-22 Bro. Paul Carter
11-17-15 Thank You Bro. Jody Hodnett
11-15-15 PM Vexation Pastor Qualls
11-15-15 AM This is the Day Pastor Qualls
11-15-15 S.S. Proverbs 20:19-20 Bro. Paul Carter
11-10-15 The Will of God Pastor Qualls
11-8-15 PM Getting God on Our Girls Pastor Qualls
11-8-15 AM No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus Pastor Qualls
11-8-15 S.S. Proverbs 20:17-18 Bro. Paul Carter
11-3-15 Have Faith, God is at Work Bro. Bryan Kacprzyk
11-1-15 PM Living With a Limp Pastor Qualls
11-1-15 AM Styrofoam Saints Pastor Qualls
11-1-15 SS Proverbs 20:14-16 Bro. Paul Carter
10-27-15 What is That Perfume You’re Wearing? Pastor Qualls
10-25-15 AM How to Wake Up from a Nightmare Pastor Qualls
10-25-15 AM Getting a Good Glimpse of God Pastor Qualls
10-25-15 S.S. Proverbs 20:11-12 Bro. Paul Carter
10-20-15 Helloween Pastor Qualls
10-18-15 PM Knowing When to Say No Pastor Qualls
10-18-15 AM Christ the Catalyst Pastor Qualls
10-18-15 S.S. Proverbs 20:9-10 Bro. Paul Carter
10-13-15 Prodigals in the Parenthesis Pastor Qualls
10-11-15 PM What If There is No Heaven? Pastor Qualls
10-11-15 AM Are You Just a Tropical Garden Variety Christian? Pastor Qualls
10-11-15 S.S. Proverbs:20:7-8 Bro. Paul Carter
10-6-15 What Makes the Bible So Sweet Bro. Brian Fail
10-4-15 PM The Trouble With Tears Pastor Qualls
10-4-15 AM How to Jump Start Your Marriage Pastor Qualls
10-4-15 S.S. Proverbs:20:5-6 Bro. Paul Carter
9-29-15 Profanity in the Parenthesis Pastor Qualls
9-27-15 PM Somebody is Going to Claim Your Calf Pastor Qualls
9-27-15 AM What’s So Good About Goodbye? Pastor Qualls
9-27-15 S.S. Proverbs 20:3-4 Bro. Paul Carter
9-22-15 Who Am I Bro. Brian Fail
9-20-15 PM The Day Jesus Takes Us to Court Pastor Qualls
9-20-15 AM The X-Factor Pastor Qualls
9-20-15 S.S. Proverbs 20:1 Bro. Paul Carter
9-15-15 When Human Wisdom Fails Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
9-13-15 AM Do the Blessings of God Drag You Down Pastor Qualls
9-13-15 S.S. Proverbs 19:28-29 Bro. Paul Carter
9-1-15 Praise in the Parenthesis Pastor Qualls
8-30-15 PM The Dangers of Skipping the Next Step Pastor Qualls
8-30-15 AM Unprofitable Plowing Pastor Qualls
8-30-15 S.S. Proverbs 19:27 Bro. Paul Carter
8-25-15 Praise God Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
8-23-15 AM Living Beyond Your Limits Pastor Qualls
8-23-15 S.S. Proverbs 19:25 Bro. Paul Carter
8-18-15 Prayer in the Parenthesis Pastor Qualls
8-16-15 PM Reach Out and Touch Somebody Pastor Qualls
8-16-15 S.S. Proverbs 19:22 Bro. Paul Carter
8-11-15 Prerequisites in the Parenthesis Pastor Qualls
8-9-15 PM Winning Over Weeping Pastor Qualls
8-9-15 AM The Odd Squad Pastor Qualls
8-9-15 S.S. Proverbs 19:20-21 Bro. Paul Carter
8-4-15 Priorities in the Parenthesis Pastor Qualls
8-2-15 PM Insecurity Pastor Qualls
8-2-15 AM The Dangers of Getting Saved on Your Deathbed Pastor Qualls
8-2-15 S.S. Proverbs 19:19 Bro. Paul Carter
7-28-15 Pride in the Parenthesis Pastor Qualls
7-26-15 PM Are You on the Winning Side Pastor Qualls
7-26-15 AM Have You Got Your Ears On Pastor Qualls
7-26-15 S.S. Proverbs 19:16 Bro. Paul Carter
7-21-15 Problems in the Parenthesis Pastor Qualls
7-19-15 PM Crossing the Great Divide Pastor Qualls
7-19-15 AM Keeping It Together When Everything is Falling Apart Pastor Qualls
7-19-15 S.S. Proverbs 19:14 Bro. Paul Carter
7-14-15 Prudence in the Parenthesis Pastor Qualls
7-12-15 PM What the Bible Says About Homosexuality Pastor Qualls
7-12-15 AM Guidelines to Gushing Pastor Qualls
7-12-15 S.S. Proverbs 19:12 Bro. Paul Carter
7-7-15 Privilege in the Parenthesis Pastor Qualls
7-5-15 PM Don’t Let Dixie Die Pastor Qualls
7-5-15 AM Betsy Knows Best Pastor Qualls
7-5-15 S.S. Proverbs 19:11 Bro. Paul Carter
6-30-15 Providence in the Parenthesis Pastor Qualls
6-28-15 PM Focus on the Family Pastor Qualls
6-28-15 AM Too Guilty for Heaven, Too Godly for Hell Pastor Qualls
6-28-15 S.S. Proverbs 19:8 Bro. Paul Carter
6-23-15 Powerless Praying Pastor Qualls
6-21-15 PM Second String Saints Pastor Qualls
6-21-15 AM The Greatest Crime Jesus Ever Solved Pastor Qualls
6-21-15 S.S. Proverbs 19:5-7 Bro. Paul Carter
6-16-15 Calvary’s Perspective of Fulfillment Pastor Qualls
6-14-15 AM Casting Sinners at His Feet Pastor Qualls
6-14-15 S.S. Proverbs 19:3-4 Bro. Paul Carter
6-9-15 Securely Anchored in Christ Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
6-7-15 PM Victory from Misery Pastor Qualls
6-7-15 AM It Don’t Mean a Thing if You Don’t Have a King Pastor Qualls
6-7-15 S.S. Proverbs 19:1-2 Bro. Paul Carter
6-2-15 Calvary’s Perspective of Frustration Pastor Qualls
5-31-15 PM Boys, Bury That Backslider Pastor Qualls
5-31-15 AM Fooled By a Feeling Pastor Qualls
5-31-15 S.S. Proverbs 18:22-24 Bro. Paul Carter
5-24-15 S.S. Proverbs 18:19-21 Bro. Paul Carter
5-26-15 Calvary’s Perspective of the Family Pastor Qualls
5-24-15 PM Doing Right the Wrong Way Pastor Qualls
5-24-15 AM Lessons From a Lap Dog Pastor Qualls
5-19-15 Hold On Christian Bro. Brian Fail
5-17-15 PM Come Out With Your Hands Up! Pastor Qualls
5-17-15 AM Do You Suffer from Blurred Vision Pastor Qualls
5-17-15 S.S. Proverbs 18:16 Bro. Paul Carter
5-12-15 Calvary’s Perspective of the Flesh Pastor Qualls
5-10-15 PM Why Do My Children Resent Me Pastor Qualls
5-10-15 AM Pitfalls of Single Parents Pastor Qualls
5-10-15 S.S. Mothers (Proverbs 31) Bro. Paul Carter
5-5-15 It’s Alright Not to Be OK Pastor Qualls
5-3-15 AM Are You the Proud Owner of a Hole in the Ground Pastor Qualls
5-3-15 S.S. Proverbs 18:14 Bro. Paul Carter
4-28-15 Dealing With Disappointment Bro. Brian Fail
4-26-15 PM The Kinds of People God Uses Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
4-26-15 AM Reality Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
4-26-15 S.S. Proverbs 18:13-14 Bro. Paul Carter
4-21-15 Calvary’s Perspective of Fidelity Pastor Qualls
4-19-15 PM Is God in Your House or are You Just Housing God Pastor Qualls
4-19-15 AM Two Legs and a Piece of an Ear Pastor Qualls
4-19-15 S.S. Proverbs 18:11-12 Bro. Paul Carter
4-14-15 Calvary’s Perspective of Faith Pastor Qualls
4-12-15 PM Hey Lady, Do You Know How to Get Ahead Pastor Qualls
4-12-15 AM Did You Hear the Good News About Dagon Pastor Qualls
4-12-15 S.S. Proverbs 18:8 Bro. Paul Carter
4-7-15 Calvary’s Perspective of Forgiveness Pastor Qualls
4-5-15 PM How to Win a Couch Potato to God Pastor Qualls
4-5-15 AM Do You Really Believe in the Resurrection Pastor Qualls
4-5-15 S.S. Proverbs 18:6-8 Bro. Paul Carter
3-31-15 Getting the Right Perspective of Calvary Pastor Qualls
3-29-15 PM The Power of the Pulpit Pastor Qualls
3-29-15 AM The Power of the Pew Pastor Qualls
3-29-15 S.S. Proverbs 18:3-5 Bro. Paul Carter
3-24-15 Going to Hell While Calling Him Lord Bro. Brian Fail
3-22-15 PM Being God’s Crackpot Bro. Brian Fail
3-22-15 AM The Ark and It’s Inmates Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
3-22-15 S.S. Proverbs 18:2 Bro. Paul Carter
3-17-15 So I Got a Girdle Bro. Brian Fail
3-15-15 PM Unwaivering Faith Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
3-15-15 S.S. Proverbs 18:1 Bro. Paul Carter
3-10-15 The Will of God Bro. Brian Fail
3-8-15 PM Some Things are Hard to Swallow Bro. Mike Qualls
3-8-15 AM Take 2 Sticks & Call Me in the Morning Bro. Mike Qualls
3-8-15 S.S. Proverbs 17:27-28 Bro. Paul Carter
3-3-15 Pastoring Bro. Mike Qualls
3-1-15 PM Is it Just a Jawbone Bro. Mike Qualls
3-1-15 AM Antidote for Anxiety Bro. Mike Qualls
3-1-15 S.S. Romans 3:21 Bro. Brian Fail
2-24-15 The Truth About Soul Winning Bro. Brian Fail
2-22-15 PM How to Be a Hero Bro. Mike Qualls
2-22-15 AM Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Down Bro. Mike Qualls
2-22-15 S.S. Proverbs 17:25-26 Bro. Paul Carter
2-17-15 Religion Not To Be Ignored Bro. Brian Fail
2-15-15 PM A Call to Decision Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
2-15-15 AM Sin Concealed and Cancelled Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
2-15-15 S.S. Proverbs 17:23 Bro. Paul Carter
2-8-15 PM Proverbs 17:17-22 Bro. Paul Carter
2-1-15 PM God’s Requirements Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
2-1-15 AM The Reality of Demons Bro. Brian Fail
1-27-15 Behind the Scenes at Calvary Bro. Brian Fail
1-25-15 PM Following the Lord Bro. Bryon Kacprzyk
1-25-15 AM Religion or Relationship Bro. Brian Fail
1-20-15 Fear Not Bro. Brian Fail
1-11-15 PM Paul’s Perspective on Problems Bro. Bobby Barnes
1-11-15 AM A Place That’s Called Hell Bro. Bobby Barnes
2-10-15 The Affection of Spiritual Gifts Pastor Bailey
2-8-15 AM The Actuality of Spiritual Gifts Part 2 Pastor Bailey
2-3-15 The Actuality of Spiritual Gifts Pastor Bailey
1-18-15 PM The Church: A Body Gratified Pastor Bailey
1-18-15 AM The Anatomy of Spiritual Gifts Part 2 Pastor Bailey
1-13-15 The Anatomy of Spiritual Gifts Pastor Bailey
1-6-15 The Administration of Spiritual Gifts Part 3 Pastor Bailey
1-4-15 PM The Administration of Spiritual Gifts Part 2 Pastor Bailey
1-4-15 AM The Administration of Spiritual Gifts Part 1 Pastor Bailey