July Jubilee 2017

Bible Conference 2016

Welcome to our Bible Conference 2016 Media Downloads page. Here you’ll find messages and music from our services held here on Sept 4 – 6 2016. All audio files are in .mp3 format. Below is a list of the messages and songs in chronological order. Just click on the name of the message or song to play. To download to your computer right click and save as. When the File Download dialog box appears, click “Save” to download the file to your computer. The file name will normally be the title of the message (or song). When the “Save As” dialog box appears, select the location on your computer where you want to save the audio file to, and then click the “Save” button. After the download is complete, you’ll be able to listen to the message using your favorite media player that is capable of playing mp3 files.

Date Message Title Speaker
7-18-17 Scriptural Ways to Save the Family Pastor Steve Ward
7-18-17 Not For Sale Bro. Larry Raynes
7-18-17 A Picture of the Last Day Pastor Paul Hill
7-18-17 The Real Jesus Bro. Sydney Weaver
7-18-17 Dereliction of Duty Bro. Brian Faulkner
7-18-17 Dullness Bro. Rutledge
7-18-17 I Surrender All Bro. Jonathan Davis
7-18-17 Looking for a Cloud Bro. Tim Ellison
7-17-17 The Darkness of Anger Pastor Chad Bailey
7-17-17 The Promises of God Bro. Brian Davis
7-17-17 The Accursed Congregation Bro. Brian Fail
7-17-17 Thank God There’s Still Help Bro. Randy Hutto
7-17-17 God is Jealous for the Truth Bro. Joe Bryant
7-16-17 Bearing Fruit Pastor Paul Hill
7-16-17 We Have What We Need for What We Face Pastor Steve Ward
7-16-17 The Darkness of Worry Pastor Chad Bailey
Special Singing:
Date Song Title Singer
7-18-17 Written in Red Sis. Pam Myers
7-18-17 What If Sis. Pam, Kaylynn & Dustee
7-18-17 Walk On Brian Davis Family
7-18-17 Unseen Hand Ward Trio
7-18-17 There is Hope Brian Davis Family
7-18-17 Thank You Lord for Loving Me Ward Trio
7-18-17 Sweet Home of the Soul Sis. Pam & Sis. Kaylynn
7-18-17 Sheltered By His Grace Sis. Dustee & Sis. Kaylynn
7-18-17 Oh What a Savior is Mine Sis. Tonda Hill
7-18-17 It’s Under the Blood Brian Davis Family
7-18-17 In Christ Alone Sis. Dustee & Sis. Kaylynn
7-18-17 He Left Me a Brand New Man Bro. Brian & Sis. Rachel
7-18-17 Did I Mention Brian Davis Family
7-18-17 Better Farther On Sis. Tonda Hill
7-17-17 There is Jesus Ward Trio
7-17-17 The Only Thing He Bought Brian Davis Family
7-17-17 The Greatest of All Miracles Bro. Brian, Sis. Rachel & Dustee
7-17-17 My Brother I Have Been Rescued Brian Davis Family
7-17-17 Lord You’re the Best Thing That’s Ever Happened to Me Sis. Ellison
7-17-17 I Know the Master of the Wind Steve Ward Family
7-17-17 He Touched Me Bro. Chad & Sis. Edith
7-17-17 Days Gone By Ward Trio
7-17-17 Because He Loved Me Sis. Ellison
7-16-17 This One Thing I Know Brian Davis Family
7-16-17 Sheltered in the Arms of God Sis. Hannah & Sis. Dustee
7-16-17 Jesus, Savior Pilot Me Ward Trio
7-16-17 I Know He Heard My Prayer Victory Song
7-16-17 Born Again Victory Song
7-16-17 Before the Throne of God Above Brian Davis Family
7-16-17 And the Blood Still Flows Ward Trio