Our Pastor

Pastor-Qualls-&-Sis-Carol-2Pastor Mike Qualls and his wife, Carol, came to Lakeland Baptist Church in March of 2015. They, along with their two youngest sons Aaron and Isaac, bring over 25 years of ministry experience to the church.

Saved at the age of 7 years old at Bethel Baptist Church in Denton, NC, the Lord has used great men to influence his life. From the likes of Lester Roloff, Oliver B. Green, Joe Parsons, Buck Huntley, and many others, they stirred Pastor Qualls to hunger for a closer walk with God.

Pastor Qualls launched his ministry by holding services in various rest homes and retirement centers for about four years. He would later serve two churches as their pastor….the Resurrection Baptist Church in Albemarle, NC and the New Lighthouse Baptist Church in Windsor, NC. After nine years in the pastorate, the Lord led him to do the work of an evangelist. Over the next 13 years, he crisscrossed the country preaching revival meetings, youth camps, tent revivals, and special services.

Although the Lord still uses Pastor Qualls to preach revival meetings throughout the southeast, he faithfully fills the pulpit to feed his flock. There’s no other place that our pastor feels at home like Lakeland Baptist Church. Each message that you hear comes from a tedious study of the scriptures, seasoned by prayer, and given from the heart of a pastor who sincerely loves his congregation.

Pastor Qualls and his wife, Carol, have two more children who live in North Carolina: their oldest son, Levi, and his wife, Rebekah; their only daughter, Carrie, and her husband Joseph. They also have two grandchildren….Seth and Victoria.

The congregation of Lakeland Baptist Church cordially invites you to come and hear Pastor Qualls preach the word of God in any or all of our services.